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Early Start PLT Request

This form is to be used by Undergraduate and JD students applying to commence Practical Legal Training (early start PLT) whilst still enrolled in their LLB/JD and requiring confirmation of their current enrolment (Dean’s certificate). The Dean’s certificate provided will accompany your application for early start PLT approval to be submitted to the Legal Profession Admissions Board (LPAB).

In order to obtain your Dean’s certificate, you will need to have completed all Priestley 11 courses under Schedule 1 of the Legal Profession Uniform Admission Rules 2015 and you must be in your final year of study and have a maximum of two electives remaining in your LLB/JD.

If you intend to commence PLT at UNSW in Term 3 and have more than 12 uoc remaining in your penultimate term, it is suggested that you do not request your Dean’s certificate from UNSW until shortly before the release of results (one week before) which will enable us to provide you with a more accurate certificate to supply to the LPAB once your results are finalised. This does not prevent you submitting your UNSW PLT online application. UNSW Admissions hold your place in the UNSW PLT Program pending receipt of your LPAB approval for early start.
NB: UNSW aims to process all student letter requests within 5 working days and the LPAB can take up to 28 days to issue approval for early start PLT. However, if you have applied to undertake PLT@UNSW and are worried about obtaining your approval in time to start, please contact plt@unsw.edu.au for assistance with obtaining this approval earlier.

Next steps:
Once you have your Dean’s certificate confirming your enrolment status, these are the next steps to apply for approval from the LPAB to commence PLT early, you will need to:

  • complete the following application LPAB Early Start Application form
  • include a brief statement giving reasons your application should be approved, and detailing your capacity to undertake concurrent academic and PLT studies
  • attach the letter from UNSW Law and Justice  which verifies your completion of the academic areas of knowledge set out in Schedule 1 of the Legal Profession Uniform Admission Rules 2015, and your current enrolment in the last two subjects of the qualification, neither of which is one of the academic areas of knowledge set out in Schedule 1 of the Legal Profession Uniform Admission Rules 2015, and
  • scan all of the above material into a single PDF digital file and email the PDF to lpab@justice.nsw.gov.au
  • pay the prescribed fee online via the online form at www.lpab.justice.nsw.gov.au under the menu item ‘Forms and Fees’, and then ‘Fees’. This is currently $100 but please confirm fees on the LPAB site.

UNSW Practical Legal Training (GDLPP)
You can now complete all your requirements for admission in a familiar, supportive and engaging environment with UNSW PLT. Build your competence and confidence to be the kind of lawyer you would like to be.  
T3 2022 Start Date: 7 September 2022  

The UNSW Graduate Diploma in Legal Professional Practice (GDLPP) offers a distinctive, practice-ready program for law graduates intending to seek admission to the legal profession. It is designed to develop both practical skills and proficiency in the day-to-day practice of law and to ensure that graduates surpass the competency standards for entry-level lawyers. Find out more here or contact us at plt@unsw.edu.au. You can also have a chat with the UNSW PLT Director, Vedna Jivan about your PLT options.
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“I have attended three Go8 universities and the UNSW PLT Program is head and shoulders above everything else I have done. Cannot recommend it enough.” (UNSW PLT Graduate, Anonymous survey T1, 2021)

“I'd just like to take the time to thank you and the team for all of your commitment and support throughout the program. I had been told by my friends who have done PLT with (organisation name supplied) that it felt like a big tick in the box exercise, but the UNSW program couldn't be further from that. The instruction I received from the practitioner mentors made it feel like they were all genuinely invested in my learning and development as a legal practitioner. I learned so much; the assessments really did develop and challenge my practical skills. I would highly recommend the UNSW PLT program to all.” (Abbey Cooper, UNSW PLT Graduate, 2021)

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